Major Swiss bank warns of total loss through Bitcoin

Major Swiss bank warns of total loss through Bitcoin and Co.

In a recent article, the major Swiss bank UBS warns of risks and a possible total loss through investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

On 14 January, the major Swiss bank UBS published a warning against investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Cryptosoft in view of the current price development.

Great customer interest

According to its own information, many clients are currently approaching UBS with the question of whether they should invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. In its letter, the major Swiss bank therefore takes a general position on the current market situation and the general risks of cryptocurrencies.

On the possibility of a further positive price development for Bitcoin and Co, UBS writes:

„Although we would not rule out further price increases, we are somewhat sceptical about fundamental use cases in the real world. This makes it difficult to determine a fair value for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are also aware of the risk of a total loss of the entire investment.“

In the context of a current large price momentum, prices could indeed rise further in the near future, „as well as because of the potential for increased activity by institutional participants, due to the enormous media and social media attention, and the expectation that limited supply will lead to higher prices.“

However, past success is no guarantee of future success, UBS added. Rather, it sees the risk of a total loss, potentially also due to increased regulation. The bank writes in this regard:

„In our view, there is little to stop the price of a cryptocurrency from going to zero if a better-designed version [cryptocurrency] comes to market or if regulatory changes dampen sentiment.“

Regulators‘ attention also increases sharply with rising prices and higher market capitalisation. In this context, UBS points to a decision by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ban the sale of certain crypto derivatives to retail clients. Something similar could also happen in other countries.

BaFin also warns against Bitcoin hype

Just a few days ago, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) also published a warning about the risks of investing in crypto assets like Bitcoin. The German financial market watchdogs also see the possibility of a total loss with Bitcoin and Co.

Les pièces de monnaie et les pièces de monnaie électronique connaissent un nouvel essor, le ministère des transports fait mieux

Le prix du bitcoin a augmenté de plus de 10 % et a franchi de nombreux obstacles importants.
Ethereum a retesté la principale résistance de 1 150 USD, le XRP peine encore à clôturer au-dessus de 0,300 USD.
Le HEDG a progressé de plus de 50 %, et le DOT a fait un bond de 35 % pour atteindre 11,00 USD.
Le prix du bitcoin a entamé une nouvelle hausse après avoir formé une base au-dessus de 32 400 USD et 33 200 USD. La BTC s’est renforcée au-dessus de 35 000 USD et a pu franchir un obstacle majeur à 36 000 USD. Il se négocie actuellement (05:00 UTC) au-dessus de 37 000 USD et il semble qu’il y ait des chances de voir d’autres hausses.

De même, la plupart des principaux altcoins se sont redressés et ont grimpé plus haut. L’ETH/USD a cassé le niveau de 1 100 USD, mais n’a pas réussi à franchir la résistance de 1 150 USD. Le XRP/USD est toujours en dessous du niveau de résistance de 0,300 USD.

Capitalisation boursière totale

Prix du bitcoin
Après une rupture nette au-dessus de 35 000 USD, le prix du bitcoin a pu dépasser les niveaux de résistance de 35 500 USD et 36 200 USD. La BTC a gagné plus de 10 % et a même dépassé les 38 000 USD. Elle corrige les gains, mais les baisses devraient rester limitées en dessous de 37 000 USD. La résistance précédente à 36 200 et 36 000 dollars pourrait servir de soutien à court terme.
À la hausse, le prix pourrait se maintenir à près de 38 000 dollars. La première résistance clé est proche du niveau de 38 750 USD, au-dessus duquel elle pourrait revisiter la zone des 40 000 USD.

Prix de l’éthéré

Le prix de l’éthéré a également suivi celui du bitcoin, et il a franchi les niveaux de résistance de 1 080 et 1 100 dollars. Cependant, l’ETH a dû faire face à un autre rejet proche du niveau de 1 150 USD. Le prix a corrigé les gains et a testé la zone des 1 100 dollars. Le premier support clé est proche du niveau de 1 080 USD, en dessous duquel il pourrait tester 1 050 USD.
Pour continuer à augmenter, le prix doit s’élever au-dessus des niveaux de 1 135 et 1 150 dollars. S’il y parvient, il pourrait tester 1 220 USD.

Prix des bitcoins au comptant, des litecoin et des XRP

Le prix au comptant des bitcoins a augmenté de plus de 5 % et il a pu revoir le niveau de 500 dollars. Cependant, BCH n’est pas parvenu à dépasser 500 USD et il consolide maintenant ses gains au-dessus de 485 USD. Pour continuer à augmenter, le prix doit dépasser les 500 USD, puis s’établir à plus de 510 USD.

Le Litecoin (LTC) a grimpé de 10 % et a pu se stabiliser au-dessus de la résistance de 145 USD. LTC doit maintenant faire face à des obstacles proches de 150 USD, au-delà desquels les taureaux pourraient viser un test du niveau de résistance de 165 USD. En revanche, les niveaux de 145 et 142 dollars pourraient constituer un soutien important.
Le prix du XRP a sous-performé et il a encore du mal à se stabiliser au-dessus des niveaux de résistance de 0,300 et 0,312 USD. Une clôture nette au-dessus du niveau de 0,312 USD est indispensable pour poursuivre la hausse. À la baisse, les niveaux de 0,265 et 0,255 USD pourraient continuer à fournir un soutien à court terme.

Le marché des autres altcoins aujourd’hui
De nombreux altcoins ont gagné plus de 10 %, notamment HEDG, DOT, RUNE, LRC, KSM, IOST, SUSHI, STX, UNI, DCR, ZEC, ATOM, AVAX, THETA, LINK et QNT. Parmi ceux-ci, le HEDG a fait un bond de plus de 50 % et a franchi la résistance de 0,600 USD.

Dans l’ensemble, le prix du bitcoin est revenu dans la zone verte au-dessus de 36 000 USD. Si la BTC franchit la zone des 38 000 USD, elle pourrait continuer à monter vers la résistance des 40 000 USD.

The Stellar rocket (XLM) takes off and climbs by +130% in 24 hours.

Long correlated during the XRP, the XLM of the Stellar blockchain has just taken off and enters in the top 10 of the most capitalized cryptomonnages. A consequent upward movement fuelled by the misfortunes of its rival cryptomoney the XRP?

The Stellar rocket (XLM) takes off and climbs by +130% in 24 hours.
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The XLM takes off
Due to its technical similarities with Ripple’s XRP, the XLM of the Stellar blockchain has long been correlated with this asset. Furthermore, the Stellar network is a Ripple fork created in 2014 under the impetus of its founders Jed McCaled, who is also the co-founder of Ripple.

For a number of years now, the prices of the two assets have been Bitcoin Revival correlated to a significant degree. However, recent events have changed this, allowing Stellar to take off.

At the time of writing, the XLM is exploding, with a spectacular increase of over 150% on a weekly basis. How can such an increase be explained?

On 22 December, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple for illegally selling the equivalent of $1.3 billion worth of XRP. Since then, the price of XRP has continued to plummet and has been halved until it has stabilised at around $0.25. The price of XRP has been falling steadily since then. Many believe that a migration of funds from XRP to XLM has now begun.

Moreover, the Stellar network and XLM itself appear to be benefiting from the recent decision by a US institution to allow all banking institutions in the US to use public blockchains and the stable corners they host to make payments.

Indeed, Stellar already hosts several stablecoins on its network, such as the famous USDC or the EURB, a stablecoin issued by a German bank.

Moreover, the XLM reacted quickly after Stellar’s announcement earlier this week that the Ukrainian government had selected its teams to help it create a digital central bank currency.

Since then, the Ukraine has downplayed Stellar’s importance in the project, saying that the XLM would not play any role in the creation of the digital currency. However, this has not stopped investors from rushing into cryptography.

It should not be forgotten that this comes at a time when the market is going through a significant euphoric phase. In addition to the fundamental aspect of Stellar, the technical plan was particularly favourable to such a rise.

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A dazzling entry in the top 10
As a result, the price of the XLM over the last 24 hours has risen by more than 130% to its highest point of $0.39. The price of the XLM has more than doubled in less than 24 hours and corrects slightly to around $0.33 at the time of writing.

This meteoric rise caused XLM to enter the top 10 of the most capitalized cryptomoney companies, with more than $7.3 billion. The XLM has thus exceeded the capitalisation of the BNB of Binance and the LINK of the Chainlink project.

This remarkable performance brings it closer to the XRP, whose capitalisation currently represents $10.5 billion.

Coin Savings: invest serenely in bitcoin

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin, the Journal du Coin is teaming up with StackinSat to launch a new service: Coin Savings! This platform allows you to position yourself on bitcoin with confidence, thanks to the programmed investment.

Coin Savings was born from a conviction: Bitcoin is here to stay. If its adoption as a means of payment is not yet assured, its function of store of value is confirmed. Fears relating to the inflation of state currencies, and the low return on traditional financial investments make it a very attractive asset for diversifying and protecting one’s savings .

In this context, the constitution of a Bitcoin Savings Plan makes perfect sense! Discover our new platform, created in partnership with StackinSat.

What is dollar cost averaging ?

The cost averaging dollar , or programmed investment is a strategy of investing regularly a fixed amount of a financial asset. This strategy makes it possible to smooth out its entry point . It is therefore particularly suitable for volatile markets such as cryptocurrency.

The price of bitcoin (BTC) since 2011

In the current context of strong price appreciation , there will be plenty of opportunities to invest at the worst time (on a market high). Thus, the overly emotional saver can be subject to the famous FOMO : the fear of missing out , the fear of missing the boat. He may be tempted to invest all his capital dedicated to cryptocurrencies on a whim . And that can turn out to be very disappointing ! For example, the investor who acquired all his bitcoins in January 2018 will have had to wait almost three years to be profitable.

With dollar cost averaging , the same investor who invested a fraction of his capital each month , regardless of price fluctuations, would have achieved a much better capital gain . And above all, without the fuss!

If you want to invest part of your capital in bitcoin , but you have neither the soul of a trader nor the time to keep your eyes on its price, this strategy is for you!

Is it a profitable bitcoin strategy?

On bitcoin, this is a particularly profitable strategy . For example, here is what the Coin Savings simulator gives for an investment of 100 euros per month since January 1, 2018 :

Bitcoin (BTC): DCA simulation since 2018

Simulation of a programmed investment of 100 euros per month since January 1, 2018 in bitcoin.
Thus, having started to invest periodically during the bear market of 2018, the realized capital gain would be 264% . By investing the same amount all at once on January 1, 2018, at the price of $ 13,500, the capital gain would be 152% .

DCA is therefore a profitable investment strategy in a long-term bull market . It allows you to increase your exposure to this market regularly, while limiting the risks associated with its volatility .

Analytiker, der kaldte Coinbase XRP Delisting, siger, at SEC undersøger andre Altcoins

Nyheden om, at United States Securities and Exchange Commission havde udsendt en retssag til XRP-token-moderselskabet Ripple og dets to topledere, sendte chokbølger i hele kryptoindustrien.

Men dens dominoeffekt er først lige begyndt, ifølge analytikeren, der på forhånd kaldte den nylige Coinbase for „afnotering“, der sendte XRP-teeter muligvis forbi punktet for ingen tilbagevenden. Analytikeren advarer om, at SEC „snuser rundt i en række projekter og virksomheder“ i kryptoindustrien. Hvad kunne komme næste gang for den nye aktivklasse, der pludselig står over for sin strengeste lovgivningsmæssige kontrol nogensinde?

Regulatory Ripple Effect begynder lige for kryptovirksomheder og Altcoin-projekter

SEC har slået Ripple med en retssag om, at XRP-token, det solgte til investorer, faktisk er en uregistreret sikkerhed. Implikationerne af, at XRP betragtes som en uregistreret sikkerhed, tvang hænderne på populære kryptobørser, der var nødt til at fjerne listen over aktivet i hast.

Lige så hurtigt som krusningseffekten spredte sig over børser, der annoncerede den kommende afnotering, krypterede investorer for at udbetale deres XRP-mønter i flok, der sendte prisen ned for at bære markedets laveste værdi.

Det tog kun dage at nå et lavpunkt, der tidligere tog mere end et helt år med nedadgående prishandling for at komme til. Det kraftige negative momentum skubber næsten XRP ud af en pitchfork-kanal, som den har brugt hele sin eksistens på at handle indeni. En tæt uden for det ville tage token tilbage til kun øre per mønt.

På dette tidspunkt kan den varige negative indvirkning på XRP gøre det til en tabt sag, men hvad der er mere skræmmende er, hvad SEC har planlagt for resten af ​​markedet.

Analytiker, der forudsagde Coinbase XRP-afnotering, forventer mere af SEC mod kryptoselskaber

Mens resten af ​​kryptovalutaindustrien for det meste har siddet, set på, spist popcorn og peget med en finger for at grine over Ripple-situationen med en „fortalte dig det“ -mentalitet, undlader deltagerne den potentielle dominoeffekt, dette kan have.

SEC tog mere end 6 år at træffe en sådan vurdering af XRP og gjorde det på et tidspunkt, hvor Bitcoin Lifestyle og crypto er mere bullish end nogensinde. Sammentræf? Konspirationsteori? Hvem ved, men timingen er mistænkelig.

Med krypto tilbage i rampelyset, kunne dollaren dø og Bitcoin fremstå som et mest pandemisk modstandsdygtigt aktiv inden for finansiering, kunne SEC forsøge at tage momentum ud under Bitcoin ved at målrette virksomheder og projekter, som den har en chance for at kontrollere?

Beskyttelse af detailinvestorer var ikke motivationen her, da de, der købte „Ripple“, da de blev instrueret af CNBC i 2018, var dem, der blev såret mest af denne pludselige reguleringsoverreach af SEC – så hvad var motivationen præcist?

Analytiker Adam Cochran hævder også, at SEC ikke er færdig endnu, og „er langt mere aktiv, end vi troede, og sniffede omkring en række projekter og virksomheder.“

Cochran holder op med at afsløre yderligere detaljer og hævder at bekræfte kendsgerninger og kilder, inden han bryder ”scoopet” til masserne. Spekulation kiggede straks mod titanerne i branchen, såsom Tether.

Og selvom det er et andet dæmoniseret token, er kryptomarkedet sandsynligvis bedre stillet uden, ville dets pludselige ødelæggelse uden tvivl være katastrofalt for Bitcoin og hele branchen. Lad os håbe, det er ikke her, hvor SEC vender deres sniffing næste gang.

Un analyste de Crypto augmente le prix cible de 2021 bitcoins : „300 000 dollars ne sont pas hors de question

Mardi (1er décembre), alors que le Bitcoin se négocie autour du niveau de 18 900 $, l’éminent analyste de la cryptographie sur chaîne Willy Woo a déclaré que son précédent objectif de prix du Bitcoin – 200 000 $ par BTC d’ici la fin 2021 – „semble désormais conservateur“.

Woo dit qu’il est plus optimiste que jamais sur le Bitcoin en 2021 pour deux raisons :

La phase actuelle de „réaccumulation coïncide avec un épuisement des stocks du marché au comptant environ 2x plus long et plus profond que le dernier cycle“.
Dans le cycle actuel, le gain en USD de la capitalisation boursière par dollar investi „a considérablement augmenté par rapport aux cycles précédents“.

Le 23 novembre, Woo a fait la surprenante déclaration suivante : „Bitcoin est plus stable que l’or comme véhicule d’investissement“.


Et le 16 novembre, Woo a qualifié à juste titre Bitcoin de „premier refuge mondial pour les risques“ et a expliqué ce qu’il voulait dire


Ripple manager sees space for many other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin

Asheesh Birla praises Bitcoin, but no longer sees the market-leading crypto currency as the sole ruler.

In an interview with the Lend Academy podcast on November 5th , RippleNet General Manager Asheesh Birla describes Bitcoin ( BTC ) as a “very innovative alternative to gold”, but 2020 has proven that there is still enough space for many other cryptocurrencies .

Birla explains in this context that Bitcoin would not have tried to take over the payments sector and that different cryptocurrencies have different areas of application, which gives them the opportunity to cut off bits and pieces from the crypto market.

The sole predominance of Bitcoin would no longer be a sure thing:

“I think the days when everyone thought that only Bitcoin would catch on are numbered. I think it’s pretty clear that there will be a lot of digital currencies and that many traditional financial products will be tokenized as digital currencies. “

The general manager had already made these confident statements at a time when the crypto currency XRP , which belongs to his company, was at a market value of 0.25 US dollars. His optimism now seems to have been confirmed, as the price has tripled since then and climbed to a high of 0.92 US dollars in the past week . Most recently, however, it went down again by 30%.

Although XRP wasn’t particularly strong at the time of the interview, Birla stated in the podcast that the crypto market had now „overheated“ after the crash of 2018

„I think that traditional venture capitalists are not as interested as they were in 2017,“ as the expert notes. He then adds: „Nonetheless, I find the industry’s innovative strength currently stronger than ever.“

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen and managing director Brad Garlinghouse recently expressed their displeasure with the lack of clarity in the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the USA. Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of the large Ripple investor SBI Holdings and also a member of Ripple’s supervisory board, then leaked that the blockchain payment service provider was probably considering moving to Japan.

Larsen describes the approach of the American supervisory authorities as regulation through punishment, which is due to the fact that in his opinion they are lagging far behind in the transition to a new global financial system.

At press time, XRP is trading at $ 0.61, down 3% over the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin price, altcoins and Dow set record highs

Bitcoin is over $19,400, altcoins are rising into the triple digits and the Dow has set a historic record of 30,000. Bullish rises are showing up in every corner of every market.


On Tuesday, the bullish market showed that it has total control of the cryptomoney market, as Bitcoin Era rose to $19,418.97 and several of the top 10 altcoins rose to a double-digit level to new highs in 2020.

The highlights of the day were Stellar Lumens (XLM) and XRP with a gain of 53% and 38% respectively.

What has been the most relevant in the crypto ecosystem of Spain in 2020?

Daily performance of the crypto market. Source: Coin360

With all the excitement and anticipation surrounding the possibility of BTC reaching $20,000, crypto traders could have missed out on an equally impressive performance in the traditional markets.

On the same day, the Dow also climbed over 400 points to secure a new all-time high of 30,046. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq followed suit, rising 1.6% and 1.3%.
Daily Dow (DJI) chart.

According to market analysts, the development of three effective COVID-19 vaccines, unprecedented low interest rates as part of Federal Reserve policy, the possibility of a second round of economic stimulus, and the increasing pace of power transition between the Trump Administration and President-elect Biden are providing a much-needed boost of confidence to the markets.

As we go to press, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures are also rising, suggesting that today’s rally could continue into Wednesday’s opening bell.

So far this year, the DOW has risen 6.84% and the S&P 500 10.73%. While these are good returns for any investor’s portfolio, Bitcoin has far outperformed both, with a 166.67% increase according to Skew data.

Will printing money keep Bitcoin from reaching its all-time high?

Macro returns for the year to date (YTD).

Surprisingly, Ether continues to outperform Bitcoin and during the past week, the higher-ranked altcoin entered a parabolic upswing that brought the price to a high of $623 in 2020.
The performance of Bitcoin and Ether YTD.

Typically, the price of Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) receives most of the media coverage regarding its price movement, but this week has shown that altcoins should not be overlooked.

While the two main digital assets by market capitalization have made a surprising rebound so far this year, data from TheTIE, a provider of social analysis data, shows that smaller-cap altcoins are also having a big impact.

Paxful invites virtual conferences analyzing what happened to Bitcoin in 2020

The main cryptoactives in trend on Twitter (24 hours).

In the last 24 hours, the tweet volumes of some altcoins exploded and many of them made profits on their BTC, USD and USDT pairs.

After such a strong Bitcoin recovery, the digital asset may enter a short consolidation period or even re-test the lower media. Historically, in these situations, funds flow into the altcoins and make them recover more.

If Bitcoin enters a lateral range in the next few days, investors can repeat this practice, thus extending the current spike seen among the altcoins.


  • Bitcoin se consolide actuellement après la forte baisse constatée hier
  • La cryptocarte manque d’élan car ses taureaux et ses ours semblent tous deux dans une impasse, ce qui a porté un coup à ses perspectives techniques
  • L’une des principales raisons pour lesquelles la CTB a essuyé un refus aussi sévère à 13 800 dollars est due à une hausse soudaine de la valeur du dollar américain observée hier
  • Cela a provoqué une onde de choc sur tout le marché et a empêché la CTB de briser la résistance qu’elle consolidait contre
  • Un analyste note que la corrélation inverse persistante de Bitcoin avec la valeur du dollar est une chose positive car elle exprime des signes d’une immense faiblesse macro

Bitcoin et le marché de la cryptographie agrégée luttent pour gagner du terrain en ce moment, la vente d’hier ayant porté un coup sérieux à la tendance haussière observée ces derniers jours et semaines.

Les acheteurs se sont ardemment défendus contre une rupture durable en dessous de 13 000 dollars, chaque baisse à ce niveau étant accompagnée d’une pression d’achat importante.

Un facteur qui pourrait aider à faire monter la CTB à court terme est sa corrélation inverse avec le dollar américain.

Bien que cela ait pu être une des raisons de la baisse brutale de 13 800 dollars, la faiblesse macroéconomique de la monnaie fiduciaire pourrait servir de carburant pour le bitcoin, selon un analyste.


Au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, Bitcoin est en baisse d’un peu plus de 1 % à son prix actuel de 13 130 dollars. C’est à peu près le prix auquel il a été négocié au cours de la journée écoulée.

Chaque tentative des ours pour le faire passer en dessous de 13 000 $ a été accompagnée d’une forte pression à l’achat, ce qui montre que les taureaux sont toujours à la recherche d’un contrôle sur sa tendance à court terme.

La prochaine tendance pourrait dépendre quelque peu de l’indice des devises du dollar américain (DXY), car sa volatilité croissante commence à influencer Bitcoin.


Tout en partageant ses réflexions sur les tendances du marché à court terme, un analyste a offert une perspective optimiste.

Il souligne la faiblesse de la structure technique du DXY, notant que cela pourrait soutenir Bitcoin.

„Je pense que le DXY est encore macro baissier et que quiconque dit le contraire fait des erreurs. Imo, nous allons de côté et nous consolidons avant de sortir le 91 et de faire de nouveaux creux. Dans l’ensemble, c’est bon pour la banque centrale, mais nous aurons des baisses en cours de route“, a-t-il déclaré.

La façon dont Bitcoin évoluera dans les prochains jours dépendra peut-être de la capacité des taureaux à prendre l’avantage sur les ours, mais le DXY pourrait déterminer en grande partie sa tendance macro.


Bitcoin cambia oficialmente a PayPal

El activo ha superado la capitalización de mercado de la red luego de un anuncio de que PayPal tiene la intención de integrar criptografía.

Desde que PayPal anunció la adición de Bitcoin ( BTC ) a su plataforma, la capitalización de mercado del activo ha superado la de PayPal .


En el momento de la publicación, Bitcoin tiene una capitalización de mercado de $ 239,877,416,968, superando recientemente a PayPal en la lista de AssetDash de las acciones, ETF y criptoactivos más grandes. Bitcoin ahora ocupa el puesto 21 en la lista, con PayPal justo debajo con $ 238,578,822,000.

Siempre que una empresa, un activo o de otro modo supere a un rival en valoración, el espacio criptográfico se refiere vagamente al evento como un „cambio radical“. En 2017, varias personas especularon sobre un posible cambio de Ethereum ( ETH ), que haría que la capitalización de mercado de ETH aumentara más que la de BTC.

En el momento de la publicación, ningún activo criptográfico ha cambiado la capitalización de mercado de Bitcoin

El 21 de octubre, PayPal confirmó los rumores de que PayPal planea agregar Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) y Litecoin ( LTC ) a su lista de opciones de pago en 2021. Cuando se utilizan para transacciones, los activos se convertirán automáticamente en efectivo en el backend para destinatarios comerciales.

Bitcoin vio un desempeño de precios sobresaliente después de la noticia, que aparentemente actuó como un catalizador para impulsar el precio del activo aún más alto después de varios días alcistas . Durante las últimas 48 horas, el precio de BTC se ha disparado más de $ 1,000.